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Ruth Newman Architect (RNA) is a multi-disciplinary architectural practice with expertise across Residential, Commercial, Government, Retail and Hospitality Design.

Frequently Asked questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page contains answers to commonly raised queries about the services offered by Ruth Newman Architect (RNA).

What is the different between ‘lockup’ and ‘handover’?

Who buys the tiles, toilets, vanities etc? Client, builder or architect?

How do I know I have a realistic budget?

Should I use a Quantity Surveyor?

How do I find out about Zoning?

How do I find out about easements on my property?

Do I need to move out of my House?

How much does an architect cost?

Do you have preferred builders and tradesmen?

Why should I go to an architect if I can just go to straight to a builder?

Can you guarantee that Council approve of what you design?

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